Hi, I’m Kristen jett, profit priestess.

I help entrepreneurs + writers leverage their words to amplify their legacy.

Leverage your message, amplify your legacy

As a thought leader, you have plenty to say – but are you leveraging your message?

Simply showing up isn’t the answer.

Every single thing you do needs to have a cohesive message that sinks into your audience’s subconscious and core.

You need to leave them inspired and empowered – not wondering.

I’m Kristen, your fractional content director. I help thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and startups implement content strategies that attract loyal audiences, optimize conversions – and show the narrative they want to leave on the world.

As your Fractional Content Director, I’ll help you…

  • Walk your customers from being simply curious to being excited, engaged, and ready to invest
  • Highlight the narratives you and your company most want to be known for
  • Implement content strategies that attract new audience members and convert them into loyal followers
  • Create cohesive campaigns that seamlessly integrate all aspects of your story, leaving lasting impressions.
  • Build consistent momentum so your audience’s connection doesn’t flatline after every campaign
  • Create positive ripples in the world, leverage your message…and amplify your legacy (you knew this was coming, right?)

In 90 days, you’ll have a complete roadmap to your consistent narrative.

Retainer packages begin at $4k monthly, for a minimum of 3 months.

Focus on a core facet of your thought leadership:

Turn Your Signature Talk Into Your Signature Book

You know your talk resonates. You’ve felt it in a room and seen it in the crowd.

Now, let’s take that same energy and put it out for the world to read.

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as simply writing a book and putting it out there. (Hint: This is where many thought leaders get led astray.) The strategy behind your book itself lays the foundation for everything.

Most of the time visionaries know they want to use a book to attract clients to their business – but once they’ve written their book, they struggle to see how to leverage it. 

So, I’ve created a launch framework that helps you turn your talk into a book that attracts qualified clients for your 1:1 and group programs.

When your book launch becomes the leveraged start of your offer launch, you can transform cold leads into warm clients without any additional work.  

Our Process: Let your speech lead your (literary) legacy.

The Outline

Just need a little direction? You’ll receive a full outline with recommended action steps for your reader, where to place client stories, and where to naturally seed interest in your program or offer.

Investment begins at: $4,000

The Book (Ghostwritten)

You’re busy. Maybe you don’t have time to write a book.

Well, I do – and I’m experienced in ghostwriting content for thought leaders. We’ll craft your outline, and then draft your client-attracting book, chapter by chapter.

Investment begins at $50K. Payment plans available.

or…the whole shebang

Your Legacy Delivered

Sometimes… you just want someone to do it all for you. And that’s okay. I’ve got you.

We’ll plan out a white-glove service that can include everything from marketing to publishing.

What I Value:

Core Values


Only Create Work That Serves.

I don’t create anything that isn’t serving the world anymore. I also believe it’s important that you don’t create something that isn’t serving the world – or you.


Speak Your Truth.

A lot of marketing goes wrong because someone is too scared to say what’s really important to them. We can always find the right way to say it, but often your legacy lies in what’s not being said.


Enjoy Your Creativity.

If it’s not fulfilling you, that’s an indicator.

about Kristen

Fractional Profit Priestess (or Fractional Content Director if you prefer more timeless terms).

Intuitive Content Director

Is it marketing? Sales? Your operational foundation? Stop wondering, start profiting.

Book Strategist

I’ll be honest – I love books more than even your average book obsessed fan. That’s why I became obsessed with the ins and outs of what works and doesn’t in the world of book marketing.


I’ve been writing fiction and nonfiction for authors and entrepreneurs of all varieties for over 15 years now.

Kristen Jett is a content director and book marketing strategist for thought leaders who want to amplify their message and legacy.

Most people know they want to speak to their audience in a way that is memorable – but they don’t know how to. That’s where she comes in.

She’s spent over two decades crafting million dollar marketing strategy, and using content to attract aligned leads. Hint: she also previously co-owned a book publicity agency.

These days, she’s passionate about helping your audience find themselves inside your marketing. (Great marketing strategy should be a blend of who you are, who your audience is, and the story that connects the two.) If that sounds like a story, you’d be right.

If you’ve ever said, “launches are exhausting”, she wants to change that.

If you’ve ever said “a book can’t fill my client roster,” she wants to change that. 

In her downtime, you can find her with a book in hand. (Of course.)

Let’s Talk

Give me a short message with the information about you + your company, and I’ll get back to you within 48 business hours.

Leave the messy narratives behind.

It’s time to amplify your legacy.