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About Kristen Jett: Profit Priestess

Founded with a mission to elevate thought leaders by strategic marketing focus, Kristen embarked on her journey to guide visionaries on the path to prosperity.

Kristen has successfully served CEOs, entrepreneurs, and creators, helping them optimize their marketing strategies and accelerate their business growth.

Recipient of multiple industry accolades, Kristen Jett has been recognized for her innovative approach to marketing and her dedication to empowering visionaries.

Kristen\’s marketing insights redefined my business strategies, leading to exponential growth and a loyal client base.

Eva Franklin

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Book Launch Masterclass

Join us for an exclusive session on seamlessly integrating book launches into business strategies for optimal results and audience engagement.


Purpose-Driven Branding Workshop

Discover the power of purpose-driven branding in this interactive workshop designed to unlock the true potential of your business identity.